“I am still learning.” Michelangelo

A teacher has many roles and responsibilities. My role is to guide and facilitate learning, of course, but my hope is to also inspire and ignite a lifelong passion for dance and movement. 

By leading the student into a deeper understanding of flamenco, I want to enrich the dancer’s own expression, improve confidence and help them reach their full potential in a rewarding, enjoyable environment. 

The wonderful and unique thing about flamenco is that it comes from deep within, embracing all ages, shapes and sizes. 

Absolutely everyone is welcome to experience this passionate art form! 

If you have ever wondered about trying flamenco, don’t wonder, do it. There are weekly classes and what better time to start than now? 

What Level? What Venue?

At Dance For All, 112, Haviland Road, Boscombe, BH7 6HW

Complete Beginners: Wednesdays from 6.30 pm until 7.30 pm 

Beginners with experience: Wednesdays from 7.30 pm until 8.30 pm. 

Advanced: Wednesdays from 8.30 pm until 9.50 pm

At Ringwood Health & Leisure Centre, Parsonage Barn Lane, Ringwood, BH24 1PX

Improvers: Mondays from 8.15 pm until 9.30 pm (including joint-level technique from 9 pm until 9.30 pm).

Intermediate: Mondays from 9 pm until 10.15 pm (including joint-level technique from 9 pm until 9.30 pm.)


Specialised Workshops: I also run specialised workshops for schools, colleges and groups with particular needsand am fully DBS checked. 

Schools: Accessible, fun and educational workshops. Can be dance or music-based and adapted to fit into and enhance the school curriculum. 

“Just to say a big thank you. Workshops were a huge success, every single age group enjoyed it and fully participated… excellent, very friendly, hardworking, flexible and adapted beautifully to the different age groups.”

Head of Spanish, King’s Park Academy, Bournemouth



Groups with particular needs: 

I truly believe in the power of dance, for mental and physical well-being, but have also witnessed how flamenco, in particular, goes beyond the ordinary benefits of dance. Deep-rooted in gypsy culture – its history of hardship and persecution, joy and family celebrations – flamenco is a vehicle for life expression. Recent work with vulnerable members of the community, evidences how flamenco – its pulsating rhythms, earthy movement, and strong, expressive language – can be a great life-enhancing tool, raising self-esteem, boosting energy and enabling the individual to flourish. 



“…this collaboration is me at my best.”

A workshop participant in recovery from addiction.



“As they were dancing, they were getting stronger…the feeling…seemed to really help them.”

Maureen Philipps, Arts Therapist with domestic abuse victims. 


Phone: +44 (0) 788 401 4483

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